Supporting Your Student

NWFSC understands that family support is an integral part of a student's success through College. One of the most important decisions regarding secondary education a parent and student will make is choosing a College/University. In helping with this decision, all Colleges are required to include crime statistics per year on all campuses associated with the College. As a parent, you are just as excited about college life as your son/daughter; however having the resources and tools you need, as a parent in order to ensure the safety and security of your student, is priority at our institution. At NWFSC, we understand that supporting your student in this important step toward a college degree can be both rewarding and challenging. Having the resources you need in order to ensure success of your student is of upmost importance at NWFSC. The administrators and faculty of Northwest Florida State College are resourceful in answering questions in order to make this experience through college successful.


On campus support resources

Help your student find and use the appropriate on-campus support systems. NWFSC provides free of charge tutoring, a math lab, writing lab and many other resources to support the student through any challenges they may encounter along the journey to achieve their degree.

  • Encourage your student to utilize a communication with the professor if struggling in a class. All instructors have an email through NWFSC. Communication is the key to success in achieving a passing grade. Although there are issues that may arise to challenge your success, communicating with professors is the first step in finding a resolution.
  • Please utilize our academic advisors. They are available on all campuses to speak to your student about degree decisions, prerequisites, and transfer, transient and admission/residency issues. Academic advisors are very knowledgeable and resourceful to guide the student through most challenges.
  • The Career Center is available to help with assessment testing to guide students with degree decisions and career advising. The Career Center provides workshops throughout the school year that includes resume writing and interviewing skills.
  • NWFSC offers free tutoring and learning resources through the Academic Success Center. The ASC is located in the K building and students can walk in for academic help or make an appointment. All services offered in the Academic Success Center are free of charge. These services include tutoring for most subjects, one on one tutoring, telephone tutoring, and email tutoring.