Federal Pell Grant - Application Process


Step #1 Apply for Financial Aid

Submitting the FAFSA Application

Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a Renewal FAFSA on the Web at www.fafsa.ed.gov as soon as possible AFTER January 1 for the award year you wish to receive aid.   In order for Northwest Florida State College to receive your results, use school code 001510.

  • Apply only once each school year.
  • Award year = Fall, Spring, and Summer Terms.
  • The priority deadline date for the State of Florida is:
    • Fall Term: May 15
    • Spring Term: October 1
    • Summer Term: February 1

After you submit the FAFSA, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR)

You will receive your Student Aid Report (SAR) by email if you submitted the FAFSA online or mail if you mailed the FAFSA.  When you receive your SAR, you must review it carefully to make sure it is correct. If the data is accurate and you do not need to make changes, you may be awarded financial aid on the basis of that information.

Do I need to reapply each year?

Yes. Each year you must file either the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Renewal FAFSA if you receive one from the federal processor, for the appropriate academic year and submit the documents that are requested. You must also maintain satisfactory academic progress in order to qualify for aid each year.


Step #2 Apply for Admissions to NWFSC

How do I apply for Admissions at NWFSC?

Select this link to apply for Admissions at NWFSC http://www.nwfsc.edu/Admissions/.  For questions or information, contact Northwest Florida State College Admissions via email at admissions@nwfsc.edu or call (850) 729-4901.

Why do we need a correct address on file?

Students will receive any refund from the college in the form of a check.  Please double check your current address information. If you have moved, it's imperative that you update your address via the RaiderNet as we rely upon the information that you provide the college. To determine dates of Financial Aid Refund disbursements, check the Key Financial Aid Dates.


Step #3 Check your RaiderNet

How do I find out if I am Eligible for Federal Pell Grant/other Aid?

Check RaiderNet for Financial Aid Requirements or Holds to follow up on the status of your application.  If your application is selected for Verification, you will be required to provide appropriate verifying documentation before aid can be awarded.  Continue to monitor RaiderNet after you submit the documents to make sure they are complete and no other documents or signatures are required.