1098T Information

When will 1098T's be available?

1098T's will be available for students to view on their Raidernet account by January 31, 2018. Students who did not opt in for the electronic delivery of their 1098T will also be mailed one.

Where can I locate my 1098T?

Your 1098T can be found by logging into Raidernet, Selecting the Pay Fees Tab, and Cashnet Access. There will be a box in the bottom right corner that says 1098T information.

Why did I not receive a 1098T?

Reason why you may not have received a 1098T include:
  • A valid Social Security Number is not on file with NWFSC
  • If the Student's qualified tuition expenses are entirely waived or paid entirely with scholarships
  • No academic credit was offered for the student's courses
  • Student's whose tuition was covered by an employer or government entity, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs or the Department of Defense

Important note regarding Box 1 & 2:

Eligible educational institutions may choose to report payments received, or amounts billed, for qualified tuition and related expenses. NWFSC chooses to report Amounts Billed in Box 2, instead of Payments Received in Box 1.

Accounts receivable staff members are not tax preparers and cannot give advice on preparation. You may refer to the IRS or speak to a tax professional for more information.

For additional questions about your 1098T, please contact the NWF Business Office.