Instructor Submission of Proctored Exams

Instructors can submit their exam to the Testing Center or to outlying college locations two ways:


1.      RegisterBlast for Proctoring Exams

RegisterBlast is a website console currently utilized by the Niceville Testing Center.  Faculty members may utilize this console to submit exams to the Testing Center.  In order to create a secure account, faculty members will need to register at RegisterBlast. 

Create RegisterBlast Account

Faculty members will be able to upload exams, any corresponding documents, and class rosters, and even manage the accessibility of their exams from this console. For faculty providing online and computer-based exams, they will utilize RegisterBlast to enter the exam information, including the password for proctor access.
For faculty members who already have a RegisterBlast account, return to RegisterBlast to upload documents, load additional exams or materials, and even manage your exams. It will be helpful to bookmark this information for future visits.

Returning RegisterBlast Login


2.      Deliver material personally to the Testing Center with a completed Proctor Form

Instructors at each campus and center can hand deliver or email their exam and test material to the specific location. A proctor form will need to be completed with each exam delivery.

Faculty Form for Proctoring Exams