For a current list of classes offered through the Mathematics department, please reference the Fall 2017 Schedule of Classes or Search the Schedule for the most up-to-date availability.  For course descriptions, please reference the current College Catalog (please see below for the prefixes used for Mathematics courses).

To find a course in the Schedule of Classes, first choose the semester from the pull-down menu.  Next, in the Subject box, scroll down to "Math" - all of the Mathematics courses are grouped together by their prefix.

The prefixes used by the department include:

MAT - Mathematics

MAT0018 - Developmental Mathematics I

MAT0028 - Developmental Mathematics II

MAT0056 - Developmental Math Module

MAT0157 - Modularized Developmental Mathematics II

MAT1033A - Intermediate Algebra

MAC - Precalculus and Calculus

MAC1105 - College Algebra

MAC1140 - Precalculus Algebra

MAC1114 - Trigonometry

MAC2233 - Business Calculus

MAC2311 - Calculus I

MAC2312 - Calculus II

MAC2313 - Calculus III

STA - Statistics

STA2023 - Statistics

MGF - General and Finite

MGF1106 - Practical Applications of Math (Course name changed from Math for Liberal Arts)

MGF1107 - Math in Society (Course name changed from Math for Liberal Arts II)

MAD - Discrete

MAD2104 - Intro to Discrete Math

MAD3107 - Applied Discrete Math

MAP - Applied

MAP2302 - Differential Equations

MAS - Algebraic Structures

MAS2103 - Linear Algebra

MHF - History and Foundations

MHF4404 - History of Mathematics

MTG - Topology and Geometry

MTG2206 - College Geometry

MTB - Technical and Business

MTB1103 - Business Mathematics is currently offered through the Business Department.  For more information about this cours, please consult the College Catalog.