Training and Events

Physical Training

Physical Training Northwest Florida State College Army ROTC conducts Physical Training (PT) sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 0600 to 0700 at the Army ROTC Building (Building F-1) on the Northwest Florida State College Campus. Obviously, success on the Army Physical Fitness Test (Pushup, Situp, 2-mile run) is sought through regular PT. Gradual improvement based on realistic goals is sought for each Cadet. It is attained by training for upper-body strength and endurance improvement, lower-body and abdominal strength and endurance improvement, and cardiovascular conditioning and endurance training.

Physical TrainingPT is an essential portion of your training as a Cadet. It is essential for a leader in any organization to understand his physical limitations and PT provides the Cadet with an opportunity to measure them. Regular physical training can serve the body as well as the mind and spirit. We encourage a “lifestyle of fitness" in our organization. That philosophy starts, just like our days, with PT.

Field Training Exercise

field training photos

Army ROTC conducts at least two field training exercises per academic year. The Field Training Exercise (FTX) is a practical exercise that provides Cadets a forum to apply leadership skills, techniques, and procedures learned in the classroom to a field environment. FTXs are challenging and exciting events that force the Cadet to utilize her acquired skills and thus become better for the experience. In addition, Cadets get to work with Cadets from the University of West Florida. The events of FTXs are varied dependent upon training focus, but normally consist of the following events: Field Leadership Reaction Course (FLRC), Land Navigation, Assault Courses, Situational Training Exercises (STX Lanes), and Live Fire M16 Ranges. 

Combat Water Survival Training (CWST)

cadet swimmingThe U.S. Army recognizes the importance of this kind of training for the survival of its personnel in water. The training is conducted once a semester and is conducted to increase the participants' confidence in water, teach techniques to survive in the water while wearing military equipment, and to test the ability of Cadets as swimmers. Events include a 25 meter swim, 12 meter swim with weapon, blind equipment jump, equipment release, and ACU floatation methods.

Dining In

dining inThe Dining In is a storied tradition in the military. It provides an opportunity for Cadets to recognize the unique nature of their unit and thus build esprit de corps, or team spirit. Each unit holds its own traditions, and the Dining In is an event that puts these traditions on parade. Oh yeah, it's also a great time! Formal Dress (Class A Uniform with formal neckwear) is the uniform...the rest you'll just have to show up for.