Course & Descriptions

The ROTC four-year program consists of a basic component (four courses which may be completed at Northwest Florida State College) and an advanced component (Junior and senior years of study at the university level at University of West Florida).

The basic courses at Northwest Florida State College introduce military organization, skills and tradition. The advanced courses, taken at the University of West Florida or any four-year college offering Military Science, train students in leadership and management, the exercise of command, military teaching methods, tactics, logistics, administration, history, and military justice.

The Northwest Florida State College ROTC curriculum complements any undergraduate program of study that leads to an A.A. degree from Northwest Florida State College. Students in the Northwest Florida State College ROTC program may transfer seamlessly to the University of West Florida for the last two years of a four-year degree or may transfer to programs at other universities.

Opportunities for Women

Men and women undergo the same military training throughout the ROTC program. Women may become commissioned officers in all areas except some branches of the combat arms.

For the most up-to-date course descriptions of classes offered through this department, please reference the current college catalog or view the course description icon within the Raidernet schedule of classes.