Recording Arts Program/Music Production Technology


Become a part of our Audio Recording Program and learn state-of-the-art techniques for sound recording, acoustic fundamentals and multi-track mixing.


Music Production Technology (AS) - Includes training in the recording arts such as audio and acoustic fundamentals, recording techniques, and multi-track mixdown in the post-production environment, plus technical electives such as music theory and appreciation. A certificate program is also available.


Audio and Acoustic Fundamentals MUM1620 explores the basics of audio systems and equipment and the acoustical environment in which they are used.  Emphasis is placed on equipment terminology, functions and acoustical listening.  The two basic fundamentals are summed together to begin laying the foundation required to operate audio & recording equipment.


Recording Technology I MUM2600 and Recording Technology II MUM2601 are designed as an introduction to basic and advanced audio engineering and studio practices.  Listening exercises, acoustics, microphone characteristics, and studio etiquette will be studied.  In addition, the student will study techniques and practices and procedures of multi-track recording, acoustical balancing, editing, and over dubbing in a variety of situations.


Multi-track Mixdown MUM2604  explores the application of signal processing gear as it relates to multi-track master mix downs.  In addition, software and hardware application of mixdown is applied to post production practices.


Introduction to the Music Industry MUM2300 is an introduction to the history, principles, and practices of the music industry. Topics will include music publishing, copyright, distribution, industry organization, producing, and general business functions.


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