Mind Mapping

If you want to see your text in a visual graphic that reflects how your mind works, try mind mapping. Mind mapping is a reading strategy that helps you comprehend the overall structure, logic, and concepts contained in what you read. Creating mind maps of chapters, concepts, vocabulary, etc., will aid you in digesting and comprehending what you read.

How to Make a Mind Map-The Basics
This three-minute YouTube video demonstrates the basics of making a mind map.

How to Create a Mind Map
This nine-minute YouTube video demonstrates how to create a mind map.

Mind-Mapping Tutorial [pdf]
This tutorial introduces you to the concept of mind mapping.

Interactive Tutorial (University of Arizona)
Try writing your own mind map using this interactive tutorial.

Tedx Talk: The Power of a Mind to Map
Watch this YouTube video to hear Tony Buzan, the inventor of mind mapping, talk about the power of this strategy.

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